"Day to day life is so busy, it's easy to forget the moments we're living in."

the truth is...

My photographic journey started from a spark of inspiration...

I'm A Photographer, Wife and Mother.

Hi there, I’m Mesqua Cartwright. I’m a family, and event photographer, a loving wife and a full time mom of two wonderful babes - Daisy (8) and Ambrose (1). We live in Riverview, centralized location in Florida, minutes from all the bustle of beaches, and Tampa Bay. We're right in the middle of several state parks.

I have always had an interest in photography, and even took it as part of a double major in college. I learned quickly how much fun it is to meet so many different families from all walks of life, get to know them and their love for one another, and be there for them during so many pivotal moments. Whether its a graduating senior, newly engaged couple getting ready to say their vows, a first-time mom and her new baby, or a thrice time mom looking to update the photos in her hallway--EACH encounter has left me breathless with gratitude to have shared so much joy with everyone.

Looking to the future, all I see are more opportunities to have a full heart.

your experience is as important as the photos we'll create

My secret is that I do what I can to get to know you beforehand

It didn’t take long, till my creative hobby got noticed by friends and neighbors from the community, who wanted precious family moments captured in a similar, earthy, cinematic way. Since I knew them well, I could easily focus on their unique quirks and family dynamic.

This is an essential step that I’ve kept with all my clients. Before we agree to work together, I'll make sure you're comfortable with me, and we'll get to know each other. It’s all about building trust prior to getting in front of a camera.

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